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Últimas noticias

  • S.600016

    Now available...

    31 May 2018

    After the success of the Maxi Cassava Crackers no cholesterol (fried) in 113gr bags, this product is now also available in 50gr bags.

    These Maxi Cassava Crackers is very popular and we understand why:

    • It is a tasteful snack and a delicious addition to the meal.

    • Is does not contain trans fat.

    • It is a gluten-free and halal product.

    More information? Click here.

  • New factory

    NEW factory

    09 February 2018

    We continue to innovate: In addition to the launch of our new website and our new products, we hereby proudly announce that Baland International/Maxindo will open its new factory in two weeks.

    It all started with the authentic recipe of the Maxi Cassava Crackers. After years of growth with the raw (not fried) crackers, the demand of fried crackers and chips has also risen considerably since four years. This therefore leads to this expansion of capacity. The production of the fried crackers and chips will take place in the new factory.

    The current factory is located in Indonesia and also the new factory is located in the country of origin of the original Maxi Cassava Crackers.

    We wish our colleagues in Indonesia lots of success!

  • New products

    NEW products

    22 January 2018

    New year, new products!

    We already have introduced 3 new products of the authentic Indonesian brand Wayang this January:

    Mie telor

    Curcuma xanthoriza (also Temulawak)

    Orthosiphonis stamineus (also Kumis kucing)

    More information about these products, click here.

  • NUEVA página web

    NUEVA página web

    23 May 2017

    ¡Estamos orgullosos de nuestra nueva página web –!

    No sólo estamos muy satisfechos con nuestra nueva página web, sino que para usted ofrece muchos beneficios también:

    Imágenes de gran formato por producto

    • Lista de los valores nutricionales, ingredientes y alérgenos para cada producto

    • Fácil de usar con el móvil

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